Our Mission

The primary objective of the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum and Hall of Fame is to offer the visitor a true and

complete historical perspective of the people and activities that built the unique culture of the American West. The work of artists who documented the people and events of the time through journals, photographs and other historical items are part of this new collection. These long overlooked materials tell perhaps for the first time the complete story. The American West of today still operates on many of the principles and cultural relationships begun so long ago. Read the full article from The Wrangler Network 

The Vision

The National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum’s Hall of Fame was founded to give recognition to the outstanding pioneers who played a role in settling the early American western frontier.  The National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum and Hall of Fame also acknowledges individuals that have contributed to the western culture and tradition and play a part in keeping this important piece of American History alive.


Keeping Our History Alive

The National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum was founded February 1, 2001 by Fort Worth, Texas, husband and wife team Jim and Gloria Austin to acknowledge the contributions of individuals of Hispanic, Native, European, Asian and African decent to the settlement of the Western American Frontier.

Originally named the National Cowboys of Color Museum, the museum was renamed in 2008 to describe the diverse history the museum embodies. The museum is located at 2029 N Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76164 in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards area. There is a Hall of Fame and permanent exhibits highlighting the Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskegee Airmen, Native American Indian Chiefs and the Vaquero.

More About the Museum

Learn More About the Museum and It's Mission

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Museum Contact Information

(817) 534-8801; or email info@cowboysofcolor.org.

Museum Location

National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum Business Office: 2029 N Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76164 Telephone: (817) 922-9999 - Museum Business Office Email: Info@cowboysofcolor.org

Museum Facility Hours of Operation


Group Visits Welcome

Groups: Groups of 10 or more please call (817) 534-8801 to schedule an appointment and receive Group Rates. The museum is closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Major Holidays. To check for closings or special exhibit call (817) 534-8801.

Admission Infomation

$10.00 Adults, $8.00 Sr. Citizens 62+, $8.00 Students with ID, Free for Children 5 and under. DISCOUNTS FOR GROUPS OF 10 OR MORE AVAILABLE. Discounts for groups of 10 or more The above schedule is subject to change. You may call (817) 534-8801 to confirm your visitation period.

Contact Information

Museum Phone: 817.534.8801 Business Office: 817.922.9999 Business Office Fax: 817.923.9304 Email: info@cowboysofcolor.org

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